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Financial Benefits

The different segments of a healthcare facility sometimes disagree over how to reduce costs. When that happens, we provide financial mediation. Our consultants are committed to helping your facility come up with a feasible cost-cutting strategy.

Saving You Money through Teamwork

Teamwork is another important component of savings, and we can help to strengthen relations between departments that need to cooperate but are not getting along. We have strong mediation skills that we can utilize to help different departments work out their differences. Miscommunication can often lead to wasted supplies, and teamwork is vital to decrease this.

Additionally, we can validate all of the savings that we will find for you. To help you find cost savings on your own once the initial program is finished, we will show you how to use the tools we use.

We will show you where the actual dollars are found in your budget, and we will show you the value of the savings. Be assured that our consultants are committed to you for the long-term and that we will provide services both on-site and off-site.


Service-Based Fees

All consulting fees depend upon your facility's needs and the length of time it takes to find those savings. We will show you how to defer the costs of our fees through the savings of elimination of your supply waste. Additionally, we can train and mentor one of your staff over a 6-month period to perform the same types of cost-cutting measures.